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Imagine if you hired decorators and they told you that your business means that someone in greater need could have a job done completely free of charge...


Too good to be true?


No it’s not, if you hire Cyle 


He is the decorator who makes a difference; The Good Guys...

Cyle Carth Founder of Good Guys Decorating

"When Cyle approached me 3 years ago about Good Guys decorating, I immediately knew it would be a success. He is very motivated, talented and socially conscious young man, who initially accessed Carney’s for support, but have since brought into our virtuous cycle and has been giving back to society since.

Not only is he a expert in painting and decorating, but also in understanding the difficulties a lot of our participants face, such as social isolation, child poverty etc. He is passionate about his cause and has often supported us at Carney’s events. He even donated his time to give our centre a lick of paint and we have been very happy with the result! 

I am delighted that he has asked us to help in nominating people that they can support and we have already had a lot of interest!" 

George Turner, CEO, Carney's Community

Cyle Carth Founder of Good Guys Decorating

Free decorating for people in need - how does that work?


As a business, Cyle promise's decorating of the highest standard.


Then, for NO extra cost at all, His clients are able to be a part of his give back system and can rest ensure knowing that people in need can have their room done without charge. 


So as The Good Guys Decorating complete each job, a fund builds up to cover them to do work for those in need each month, (eg children living in poverty or those with mental health issues) but unable to afford it. That way, everyone’s a winner!  


It would be nice to think Cyle possess superpowers, sadly, He don’t. But his business  benefits from extra energy, provided by them being sponsored by Dulux Decorator Centre, Dulux Academy, Dunelm and Very.


Each sponsor  supporting everyone of their Give Backs in different ways, from free paint from Dulux Decorator Centre, complete new Bedrooms from Dunelm and home appliances from Very for the young people selected for these Give Backs. 


These Sponsorships have all pledged to support the Good Guys’ every brush-stroke.


Founder of Good Guys Decorating Cyle Carth


Cyle (right) with Olympic Medallist and Laureus Sport For Good ambassador, Michael Jamieson down at Carney's Community

"The work Cyle is doing is admirable.  He recognizes the need for support and inclusion in mental health and has first hand experience in this.

I want to show my full support for his project and have great respect for his goals to improve his own life and the lives of others.

Let’s all make a difference together, show your support.

Good luck!"

Michael Jamieson, Olympic and Commonwealth Silver Medallist

Dulux Academy
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For any quotes or questions, please call:

Cyle - 07597 148 846

or fill out the following form:

Thank you! We will respond to you as soon as we can.

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Good Guys Decorating,

30 Petworth Street,


SW11 4QW

 For any other general enquires

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