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What We Do

We are Painters and Decorators based in the heart of South London with over 8 years experience. 

We offer services for commercial and residential buildings both interior and exterior.


We have the tools, skills and knowledge to transform spaces.

Every project we take on, a percentage of our profits will go towards renovating a bedroom of a child living in poverty or a child with suffering with mental health issues. Click here to learn more.


Contact us for a free quote and more information on our services. 

We are the decorators who make a difference; The Good Guys...

Cyle Carth Founder of Good Guys Decorating

Words from our sponsor

"When Cyle approached me 4 years ago about Good Guys decorating, I immediately knew it would be a success. He is very motivated, talented and socially conscious young man, who initially accessed Carney’s for support, but have since brought into our virtuous cycle and has been giving back to society since.

Not only is he a expert in painting and decorating, but also in understanding the difficulties a lot of our participants face, such as social isolation, child poverty etc. He is passionate about his cause and has often supported us at Carney’s events. He even donated his time to give our centre a lick of paint and we have been very happy with the result! 

I am delighted that he has asked us to help in nominating people that they can support and we have already had a lot of interest!" 

George Turner, CEO, Carney's Community

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